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Marsh 1001
More than 3,000 SAS® users from across the world met in Dublin June 20-23 2000 for SeUGI 18, SAS annual European conference and exhibition. Attendees explored hands-on the latest technology developments from SAS and selected from more than 450 presentations that offered solutions to real-world business challenges, many presented by SAS customers themselves.
SeUGI (SAS European Users Group International) is SAS annual European conference and exhibition, the largest information delivery and knowledge creation event of its kind.

I presented the following paper:

Creating PDF documents including hyper-links,
bookmarks and a Table of Contents with the  SAS® software

Various clinical studies are performed in the Biometrics Department of pharmaceutical company NV Organon, and statistical appendices are created using SAS® software.
These appendices usually contain huge amounts of listings, tables, analyses and graphs, and form part of electronic submissions. Today, the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is the standard document format. It can be read on different platforms, and includes objects to easily navigate by using bookmarks and hyperlinks. In this way even large documents become very accessible.

This paper describes an automated process that combines various types of SAS output into PDF files, containing bookmarks and a Table of Contents. First, a SAS macro, %_SAS2PS, combines SAS output into one postscript file.
This postscript file contains all SAS output, including a Table of Contents and so-called PDF-mark operators.
Second, by running another SAS macro, %_PS2PDF, this postscript file will be sent through Acrobat Distiller, resulting in a PDF file that contains a Table of Contents, bookmarks and hyperlinks. The different techniques used in this approach are discussed.

The paper was chosen as the best paper in the Pharmaceutical stream.

Download the paper:

I presented my paper again at PharmaSUG 2001. PharmaSUG 2001 was held on May 20-23 2001 at The Boston Park Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

It was chosen as best paper in the stream:  FDA Compliance: Electronic Submission and Validation.

Download the paper:
PharmaSUG 2001